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It’s not just in Money Heist that we see creative heist plots – a daring robbery straight out of a Hollywood movie recently occurred at a US Apple Store. The recent theft of 436 iPhones worth Rs 4.1 crore ($500,000) from an Apple Store in Lynnwood, Washington sent shock waves to many local residents. Even the most experienced robbers seem to find it impossible to open the locked doors of an Apple Store.

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However, in this specific case, the thieves implemented a different strategy by breaking into the nearby Seattle Coffee Gear store earlier this month and drilling an enormous tunnel in the bathroom wall to reach the Apple Store’s backroom.

According to surveillance video, the robbers entered and left Seattle Coffee Gear in less than 15 minutes. Mike Atkinson, the CEO of the coffee appliance merchant, tweeted a picture of what appeared to be damaged in the bathroom.

According to reports, replacing Seattle Coffee Gear’s locks cost close to $900, and the shop estimated that toilet repairs would cost between $600 and $800. furthermore it has been reported that the Alderwood Mall, where the coffee shop is situated, is cooperating with the police to solve the crime.

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Some, believe the crime was a planned robbery of someone who works inside the mall and knows every corner of the mall because of how quickly and precisely it was carried out. Apple has not made any comments on the theft because the company often avoids publicizing shop robberies, Apple has not made any comments on the theft.

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