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Xiaomi, a prominent player in the realm of Android smartphone OEMs, has been a pioneer in developing foldable smartphones over the past few years. Their journey began with the introduction of the first-ever Mi MIX Fold in 2021, which was succeeded by the MIX Fold 2 the following year. Notably, Xiaomi unveiled its latest foldable, the MIX Fold 3, just a couple of months ago. An interesting aspect of this unfolding development is that all these innovative foldable devices were initially exclusive to the Chinese market. However, fresh reports now suggest that Xiaomi is on the verge of breaking this pattern and launching its next foldable smartphone on a global scale.

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Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 Global Launch

A recent report from GSMChina has brought to light the existence of the MIX Fold 4, as it has made an appearance on the GSMA IMEI database. Intriguingly, this listing showcases the next-generation foldable device with not one but two distinct model numbers: 2405CPX3DC and 2405CPX3DG.


Xiaomi MIX FOLD 4 and Xiaomi MIX FLIP will be launched Globally next year

— Kartikey Singh (@That_Kartikey) October 22, 2023

A discernible distinction between the two model numbers lies in the final letters, “C” and “G.” In this case, the letter “C” is believed to designate the Chinese variant, while the letter “G” signifies the global version of the foldable device. This practice of using such letters to distinguish between models intended for specific regions is a common and straightforward approach employed by many brands, facilitating clear identification and distribution of region-specific variations.

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According to the report, the inclusion of “2405” in the model number may symbolize a potential launch date in May 2024. If accurate, this would suggest that the MIX Fold 4 could hit the market much sooner than its current-generation foldable counterpart. However, it’s important to exercise caution and not entirely rely on this information as it remains speculative at this point.

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