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Many digital corporations planned significant layoffs to save money at the start of 2023. Therefore, thousands of software professionals throughout the globe lost their employment, and social media is rife with tales of layoffs. Since the beginning of this year, it has been almost three months, and the situation has not improved. After laying off 10,000 workers in January, Microsoft executed another wave of layoffs last month. This time, the corporation apparently laid off around 500 Americans.

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Ann Pfeiffer is among the workers who lost their employment in March as a result of layoffs. She had worked for Microsoft for almost 25 years and said that workers are not always in control of when or how they choose to leave an organization.

“Due to the March #layoffs, my 25-plus-year tenure with Microsoft has ended, and I am now #opentowork. Microsoft is a phenomenal organization over which we do not always have control over the timing and manner of our departure. The previous few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, and the last few months have affected everyone in some manner, “The former Microsoft employee said on LinkedIn.

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She then praised her former coworkers and noted that she would always love the “adventures, difficulties, cooperation, coaching, and learning” they shared. She added, “My motive for signing in every day was the company’s culture, enthusiasm, and excitement, as well as the individuals I have had the luxury of working with and for.” The lady concluded her article on a somewhat optimistic note, writing, “When one door shuts, another opens, and perhaps one day I will be working with some of you again at Microsoft or another organization.”

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