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Amid the chaos of the various platform changes and updates of the past few months, it may have been hard to focus on the key element for your business, in running ads, and maximizing your audience reach across social apps.

For that, you need to know where your specific audience is most active, rather than chasing the latest trends and changes, though both, of course, feed into one another, as user migrations lead to new opportunities, new ad tools, etc.

But with the holiday period coming up, it is important to focus on the platforms that work best, and generate the best response for your business. Which is why this new overview of Facebook Ads Manager could be timely, if not hugely in-depth.

The below guide provides some basic tips on how to maximize your use of Facebook ads, and while there are no real tricks revealed, it could be a handy reminder of the need to understand your social media ad fundamentals, as opposed to jumping onto the next trend.

Worth a look – you can learn more about Facebook Ads Manager here.  

Facebook Ad Manager Tips

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