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Meta’s looking to help brands make more direct contact with consumers via Facebook, with a range of lead generation form updates that will make it easier for users to connect with businesses via simplified, automated info sharing tools and processes.

First off, Meta’s adding a new way to utilize discount codes in-stream, with a new process that will automatically apply an advertised code in the checkout flow.

As per Meta:

“Promotional ads can help people find opportunities to save on products and offers from brands they love. Starting in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and India, select advertisers on Facebook will be able to better engage people through various features that make it easier to find, apply, and manage deals that are relevant to them such as seasonal sales, first-time purchase discounts and holiday promotions.”

Facebook Lead Gen Ads

As you can see in this example sequence, with this new process, Facebook users will be able to claim an advertised offer in-stream, with the relevant discount code automatically applied when you go to check out. As an added benefit, and an extra promotional opportunity for businesses, if a user goes through to the checkout, but doesn’t complete the purchase process, they’ll get another notification on Facebook before the deal ends.

It could be a good way to encourage more direct sales activity in the app, while also giving consumers more opportunity to capitalize on deals that they’ve shown an interest in.

Meta’s also updating its Lead Ads, with a new, dynamic question flow, which will update automatically based on how people respond.

“For example, an educational institution can ask questions, such as, ‘What degree are you interested in?’ Based on that answer, the subsequent questions would dynamically update to guide the person to more information about a specific program.’

Facebook Lead Gen Ads

In addition to this, Meta will also soon enable brands to overlay Instant Forms on their business web page within Facebook’s in-app browser – so if a user taps through to a link from Facebook, you’ll be able to apply feedback forms from Facebook on your own site.

Facebook Lead Gen Ads

It could be another way to maximize your lead generation processes, with the simplified Facebook information gathering flow, which uses info from a users’ profile, streamlining the process.

Finally, businesses using the new Facebook Page experience can now also add a lead gen form to their website, linked to the CTA button on their Page.

Facebook Lead Gen Ads

As you can see in this example sequence, now, you can add a lead gen form to a ‘Contact Now’ button on your Page, which will enable Page visitors to easily send their contact info in a private Messenger chat.

Which, given the rise in interactions happening via DM, could be a big benefit, making it much easier for people to spark a conversation with your brand, and get direct, personalized responses in-stream.

These are some handy updates, which will make it much easier to gather lead info from Facebook interactions, and could provide significant benefit in prompting follow-up response.

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