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Mark Zuckerberg is really bullish on AI, with use cases that might materialize sooner. The Meta boss believes the next big thing in AI will be Hollywood celebs and influencers interacting with their fans via virtual AI avatars. It’s a daunting task to engage with followers across time zones. An AI avatar that mimics a star could just become the next phase in the evolution of social media.

In his recent interview with the Verge, the billionaire laments that there’s just so many hours in a day, but people want to interact with, say, Kylie Jenner, who also wants to cultivate her fan base.

Per Zuckerberg, an AI assistant could be of great service to Kylie. Mark states that there’s no technology yet to train and develop an AI model that does that. He speculates that this could be a next year thing, even as celebrities have brand safety concerns.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks AI celebrities interacting with fans could be a ‘next year’ thing

— Insider Business (@BusinessInsider) September 28, 2023

While it will not be as exciting as seeing the star in person, the virtual avatar might evolve into a more interactive one, given how technology is evolving. Different companies are working on different use cases and modalities of AI. Integrating a few of them would be a dream come true for futurists.

Nonetheless, the progress thus far has been quite exciting. Only time will tell which silicon valley giant will emerge as the next Google of AI, capturing the global market in the AI monopoly. Or will it be an Android-iPhone kind of thing? An AI duopoly! For now, there are clearly no domain leaders except for OpenAI, which has significant investment from Microsoft as well. However, Google, Meta, and xAI ain’t far behind. Google and Meta have been releasing some exciting AI enabled products all along.

Meta has a whole suite of AR and VR tools at its disposal to ride the next wave of AI evolution. Meta’s new smart glass that engages with Meta AI is just the kind of product that has the potential of slicing a major chunk of the market pie.

Imagine getting your orders, mail, and stuff delivered on the smart glass screen while interacting with Kylie’s AI avatar in the metaverse.

Meta has announced AI will be embedded into their new Rayban Smart glasses for the first time in history.

The glasses will be able to understand what you’re looking at and provide information about it.

Available on October 17th, 2023

— Complex (@Complex) September 27, 2023

Wish Google continued with enterprise glasses.

Google says it will no longer sell the latest Enterprise Edition of Google Glass, effectively killing off an innovative but failed wearable product line from another era that many consumers may have assumed was long gone

— CNN (@CNN) March 16, 2023

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