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Downdetector.com, which monitors service disruptions for websites and apps, Netflix Inc. is now unavailable for more than 11,000 customers in the United States. Downdetector can monitor outages because it compiles status updates from a variety of sources, including the users themselves.

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Because of the interruption, the much-anticipated live broadcast of Love Is Blind: The Live Reunion was delayed. The show, which was to be presented by Vanessa and Nick Lachey and broadcast live from Los Angeles beginning at 5 pm Pacific (5:30 am IST), was scheduled to begin streaming online at that time.

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Subscribers to Netflix were permitted to enter a waiting room for the show beginning ten minutes before the program was scheduled to begin, and those who did so remained in the room until the end of the hour. Some Netflix viewers continued to report having trouble accessing the video even after the show eventually started streaming at about 6:16 p.m. Pacific time and seemed to be broadcasting live.

netflix engineers during their first live event #netflixdown pic.twitter.com/6unpz1aocx

— Jess ☕️ (@CryptoNCoffeee) April 17, 2023

Netflix, it’s time to knock that subscription fee back down to $4.99.

— matcha mamí (@_COURTside) April 17, 2023

netflix going down during the love is blind reunion is soooo

— meklit (@muhkleet) April 17, 2023

Not Netflix talking about the Love is Blind reunion started at 08:00PM when they know good and damn well they shit ain’t working! I need a refund on my next bill for every mf ing minute yo shit is down! Charging me for a mf ing service I can’t use!shiiiiid😤 pic.twitter.com/5GnoucUqbO

— thai.kneegal (@username_thaina) April 17, 2023

The head of IT sitting down to talk to the CEO right now. pic.twitter.com/yCKtfFzN15

— Steve Petrik (@PetrikSteve) April 17, 2023

We are down tremendously bad right now. pic.twitter.com/FAR0WJuxCZ

— Fanatic Perspective (@Fan_Prspective) April 17, 2023

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