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LinkedIn’s looking to boost its newsletter creation functionality, as more LinkedIn members sign-up to newsletters in the app, providing direct connection with its expanding audience.

First off, LinkedIn’s rolling out an updated newsletter editing and publishing process, improving on the current creation flow.

LinkedIn newsletter update

As per LinkedIn:

“The revamped article editor is purposefully designed to offer a seamless and dependable experience, allowing you to completely focus on sharing your insights and expertise. It’s now easier than ever to format, layout, and add a mix of photos, videos, links and more.”

LinkedIn says that many users have criticized the current newsletter creation process, finding it to be “clunky and outdated”. So it’s rebuilt the UI, with a range of functional updates to make it easier to present your newsletters as you prefer.

“You can save your articles in progress as drafts to seek a second opinion and gather feedback from others before it goes live. With customization options, you can schedule your article to publish when your community is most active and add a SEO title and description for even more reach.”

None of these features is new, as such, but they’re now better integrated into the newsletter creation flow, which could help in customizing and optimizing your content.

LinkedIn’s also rolling out the capacity to host multiple newsletters in the app, so you can expand your presence.

“Any member or Company via Pages can now host up to five newsletters in one place with different topics, design and frequency of posting for each newsletter to strengthen relevance and engagement.”

That could be relevant for brands that touch on several niches, or offer products that reach into different markets. You could, for example, offer regional versions of newsletters to maximize resonance in each.

Finally, LinkedIn’s also now adding auto-follow for newsletter subscribers, so that when a new subscriber signs up to your newsletter, they’ll also follow your regular LinkedIn updates as well.

LinkedIn newsletter update

I’m not sure that this is the best way to go, as newsletter subscribers are not explicitly seeking to follow all of a member’ updates, but it could help in building your LinkedIn audience, and maximizing engagement through extended notifications.

And I guess, if they’ve followed your newsletter, there’s a level of interest in your posts. Maybe?

As noted, LinkedIn newsletters have seen significant growth in recent months, especially as users migrating from Twitter/X have sought to focus on growing their LinkedIn presence. Recent reports suggest that sharing of original content on LinkedIn increased by 41% year-over-year in 2022, while the platform itself has continued to report “record levels” of engagement.   

On newsletters specifically, LinkedIn says that it’s facilitated over 365 million total newsletter subscriptions, while newsletter readership has tripled over the past year, and is now exceeding 1.3 million daily readers in the app.

The stats underline the significant potential opportunity, and it could be a valuable consideration for your outreach, depending on your target audience. 

LinkedIn says that its newsletter updates will be rolled out to all users over the next month.

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