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Former BharatPe founder and boss Ashneer Grover took yet another jibe at the fintech giant amid another high profile exit. The company’s chief business officer, Nishant Jain, announced his departure on LinkedIn, stating that his stint at BharatPe had been extraordinary. Nishant joined the company in 2020, as a part of the CXO team.

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Reacting to the news, Ashneer Grover lashed out at the chairman of the firm, Rajnish Kumar, an SBI stalwart. The Doglapan author remarked that the ‘ratio of retired uncles to CXO is now the highest amongst all startups.’ He quipped, ‘Koi nahi bacha ab CXO level pe.’ (No one is left at the CXO level now.) Grover further comments that not a single CXO stuck around to work with the current chairman, ‘Sri Sri Rajnish Kumar (Chairman Sahib.)’ He adds that now the company will get SBI employees onboard in the next few days and induct 16 more board members in the name of corporate governance. Ashneer also took a jibe at VC firm PeakXV (fka Sequoia) and suggested they run the show. ‘They have enough operating chops,’ the former shark lambasted.

Ratio of Board Members (retired uncles) to CXO is now the highest among all startups (koi nahi bacha CXO level pe) at @bharatpeindia . Ek CXO ko 4 Board member dekhte hai 😉 Not a single CXO stuck around to work with Sri Sri Rajnish Kumar (Chairman Sahib) !

Ab agle 4 din koi…

— Ashneer Grover (@Ashneer_Grover) September 5, 2023

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Earlier, former COO Dhruv Bahl Ranjan announced his exit, and Ashneer Grover took a sly dig in Haryanvi. In his indirect jibe at the company’s chairman, Rajnish, Ashneer taunted him, ‘Tau thaare se naa hone wala’ (It’s beyond you, Uncle!).

Tweeting in Haryanvi should be a thing:

ताऊ !
तारे से ना होने वाला
तै चौधरी बाणन लग रह्या
तारे बालक छोड़ के भग लिए
पाछे को हो ले

— Ashneer Grover (@Ashneer_Grover) August 30, 2023

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