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After Microsoft and Google, now Jeff Bezos led Amazon wants a slice of the Artificial General Intelligence pie. The company on Thursday announced their ambitious artificial intelligence platform Amazon Bedrock. It will rival the likes of other enterprise AI platforms including ChatGPT, Bard among others.

Amazon announces ‘Bedrock,’ its ChatGPT and DALL-E rival https://t.co/ax4KhoBovy

— Insider Business (@BusinessInsider) April 14, 2023

Build & scale your #GenerativeAI apps with Amazon Bedrock. 🚀☁️

Learn how access to leading foundation models makes it easy to build apps quickly while keeping your data private & safe.

👉 https://t.co/mjYtDgC6No #AWS #machinelearning pic.twitter.com/9xYGfTJILs

— Amazon Web Services (@awscloud) April 13, 2023

A suite of generative AI tools, leverages Amazon Web Service customers to perform various tasks with relative ease. Users can build chatbots, applications, generate texts and images by prompts, and a host of other tasks. With text generation, users can create original content for social media, web pages, essays and produce short stories. Customers will also be capable of building chatbots for their clients. It’ll take on search engines with curated answers like rival ChatGPT and Bing Chat, crawling over a large corpus of data available. According to Bedrock’s portal besides text summarization and image generation, customers would also be able to do personalization. It helps users get contextual product recommendations. All in all Amazon’s AI platform seeks to become a super AI app with AWS, something Microsoft is tryna do with its Azure platform.

Bedrock users can build and perform tasks using a range of MLM (Machine Learning Model) dubbed Foundation Models. It includes Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion, Amazon’s inhouse Titan, Claude from the house of Anthropic, and Jurassic-2 from AI2I.

Bedrock is currently available to a limited set of AWS customers. Per an AWS blog, The limited preview is also available to Coda customers.

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