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Remember these tweets from the vault of Jack Dorsey? He wanted to scoop the Bird app back from Wall Street and the ad model. For him, Elon Musk seemed like the only worthy suitor to reign in and handle the rudder. While he considered Elon Musk to be the singular solution to all the vices that plagued the company, he also remarked that, in principle, he doesn’t accept the idea of anyone owning, let alone running, the platform. Jack rooted for Musk, while slamming the board on Twitter.

In principle, I don’t believe anyone should own or run Twitter. It wants to be a public good at a protocol level, not a company. Solving for the problem of it being a company however, Elon is the singular solution I trust. I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness.

— jack (@jack) April 26, 2022

Elon’s goal of creating a platform that is “maximally trusted and broadly inclusive” is the right one. This is also @paraga’s goal, and why I chose him. Thank you both for getting the company out of an impossible situation. This is the right path…I believe it with all my heart.

— jack (@jack) April 26, 2022

It’s been about nine months since the above tweet. After backtracking, Musk reluctantly bought the platform in November for $44 billion. What followed, is best described depending on which ideology you pander to. A comedy of grave errors for the lefties and a Lutheran Reformation for the righties. The Twitter Blue saga, the unbanning of polarizing figures like Kanye, Tate, and Trump. The banishment of Kanye West for his anti-Semitic views. The massive layoff. The new owner’s obsession with the app made even Tesla shareholders furious. Very recently, he diluted Twitter under the new ownership of X, his pipedream of making a superapp. The house is on fire, with due rents, and compensation for axed employees.

Answering a few users’ queries on his new social media platform, Bluesky, Jack Doresy writes that it all went south. The billionaire techpreneur believes the board shouldn’t have pushed for Twitter’s acquisition by the Tesla boss. He also thinks that Musk didn’t act right after realizing his timing was bad.

Wow. Jack Dorsey finally said what he really thinks of @elonmusk’s ownership of Twitter, and it is BRUTAL. pic.twitter.com/RNoTLvtAhk

— Brianna Wu (@BriannaWu) April 29, 2023

The internet dished out hilarious memes over Doresey’s remarks.

He ain’t getting the bag no more he upset pic.twitter.com/aZPTxD3IDD

— Abovee (@Abovee710) May 1, 2023

If it was better before then why did you sell it? pic.twitter.com/wx9JRJtaXz

— خالص (@Kahlis_8) May 1, 2023

Sounds like Jack Dorsey is salty. 🧂 pic.twitter.com/7nNXfx0sLV

— Dopamine Addict 🧠💉 (@INeedDopamine98) May 1, 2023


— Wiseguy (@wiseguyinsider) May 1, 2023


— Popcorn Unhinged (@catwantsin) May 2, 2023

I mean duh…. https://t.co/uPgV5KWNVH pic.twitter.com/MHt4KNJ6QK

— Young Deuces | Giannis of Podcasting (@Young_Deuces) May 2, 2023

He’s not wrong, they went south and moved the headquarters to Texas from California.

— uPilot (@uPilott) May 2, 2023

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