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Battery drainage issues have been plaguing Google Pixel users, specifically those with Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 smartphones. The cause of this problem has been identified as the Google app, which has resulted in users experiencing significant battery drain after a recent update. Numerous complaints have emerged from affected users, highlighting the need for a solution to this persistent issue.

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Why Google Pixel Users Are Facing Battery Draining Issue

The initial report regarding battery drainage and overheating issues on Google Pixel 6 Pro surfaced when a user reached out to Engadget. This Pixel 6 Pro user not only complained about excessive battery drain but also expressed concern about the device overheating.

The user shared their experience of leaving the phone idle on a wireless charger for an hour, only to find it still overheating. Supporting evidence in the form of a battery usage screenshot clearly indicates that the Google app was consistently consuming battery in the background during this period. These findings highlight the significance of the issue and the impact it has on users’ device performance.

The problem of battery drainage and overheating on Google Pixel devices is not an isolated incident. Numerous Pixel users have taken to platforms like Reddit and Google support forums to voice their complaints about this issue. It appears that the problem is affecting a wide range of devices, including Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. Users across these models have reported experiencing the same battery drainage and elevated device temperature. This widespread occurrence highlights the severity of the issue and the frustration shared by affected users.

@madebygoogle @GoogleIndia Dear Google, This is happening with 1 month old phone . Overheating, battery drain and Network issue are there in pixel 7 pro India . These three issues I’m facing from very first day of use. Even with normal use the phone heats up too much that I pic.twitter.com/yCWiKJla2V

— Chandan Rai (@ChandanrraiRai) May 15, 2023

Despite users’ attempts to resolve the issue by rolling back to older versions of the Google app or resetting their phone’s settings, the problem of battery drainage and overheating persists. In some cases, rolling back to previous app versions has provided limited improvement in charging. However, a comprehensive solution from Google is still needed to address the widespread concerns faced by Pixel users.

The search giant Google is yet to acknowledge the issue. However it seems that it’s causing because of some software bug which can be fixed with a simple update.

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