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Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants and a prominent Apple display analyst, 120Hz ProMotion will be included in normal iPhone models from Apple but not until 2025, more than two years from now. Young alleges in a tweet that Apple will, as has been long-rumored, add the “pill” and Dynamic Island is seen on the current Pro models to the ordinary iPhone 15 devices later this year. Nevertheless, the regular iPhones will continue to employ LTPS displays, not the LTPO ones featured in the Pro versions (and Apple Watch).

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LPTO is said to be important for both ProMotion and the always-on display in iPhones because it enables refresh rate adjustments in a more power-efficient manner. (These functions are possible with LTPS screens and other display technologies, but the accompanying battery drain is often seen to be excessive for iPhone or Apple Watch.) Young’s roadmap predicts that the iPhones of the next year will have the same display characteristics as the ones of this year.

With an LTPO display that allows 120Hz ProMotion and likely an always-on display, normal iPhones will begin to resemble today’s Pro versions by 2025. The Pro versions are said to include Face ID sensors that are embedded under the display along with a tiny cutout for the front camera that same year. The front camera will then be removed from behind the display in the Pro versions in 2027, leaving the regular models with an entirely clear front panel, according to Young.

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All of that sounds very exciting, but before you get too excited about these predictions, keep in mind that while they make use of the most reliable data from a reputable supply chain analyst, it’s still very hard to know what Apple will do even in the next year, much less in two or more years. Even Apple hasn’t finalized the specifications of the 2025 iPhone since a lot might happen in the meantime regarding the technologies that are available and their pricing.

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