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Instagram will soon make it simpler for you to tag multiple people in a story. Right now, you can mention or tag many people in your story, but it takes up a lot of space. There are ways to change the font and make it smaller, but Instagram is planning to make this easier by adding group tags.

In stories on Instagram, there’s going to be a new feature called “Instagram group tag.” The boss of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, talked about this in the IG Updates channel on the app.

With this new thing, you can tag a bunch of people in a story using just one mention. So, you don’t have to tag each of the five people separately when you want to talk about them in your Instagram story.

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Here’s how it works

You make a ‘group mention’ and tag people in it. Then, instead of tagging each person one by one, you can use the ‘group mention.’ Also, if you’re in a ‘group mention,’ Instagram will automatically tag everyone from that group when you make new stories. This means everyone in the ‘group mention’ can use it for their stories too.

This ‘group mention’ thing can be really useful if you want to post stories about a big group of people. Mosseri didn’t say when or if everyone will get this feature, but usually, when Instagram tests new stuff, they add it for everyone eventually.

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