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Follow the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 live cricket score on After 20.3 overs, India are 122/1. Get live score, ball by ball commentary and much more. Keep track of ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 today match between India and Sri Lanka. Everything related to India and Sri Lanka match will be available on Stay updated with India vs Sri Lanka live score. Do check for India vs Sri Lanka scorecard. You can get scorecard updates, match related facts. Get quick live updates with ads,, which is the perfect destination for live cricket score.

19.6 overs (0 Run) Takes pace off again, on a length, outside off, Shubman Gill shuffles to whip this one to the left of mid-wicket. A slight misfield there but it is backed up the fielder at mid on.

19.5 overs (0 Run) A bit slower and fuller, outside off, Shubman Gill drives it neatly but picks out the man at extra cover.

19.4 overs (0 Run) No run.

19.3 overs (0 Run) No run.

19.2 overs (0 Run) This is bowled on a back of a length, Shubman Gill hangs back and works it towards backward point.

19.1 overs (1 Run) Pitched up by Kasun Rajitha, on off and middle, Virat Kohli shuffles and uses his feet to drive it down the ground. He gets this one off the inner half of the bat to mid on and takes a quick single. Dushmantha Chameera gets to the ball quickly but decides not to have a shy at the non-striker’s end.

18.6 overs (1 Run) Drifts on the pads, full in length, Virat Kohli nudges it in front of mid-wicket and keeps the strike with a single.

18.5 overs (0 Run) Fuller one and on off, Virat Kohli drives well but straight to short extra cover.

18.4 overs (1 Run) Drags the length back, on middle, punched down to long on for a single.

18.3 overs (4 Runs) Powered down the ground and that will be FIFTY for Shubman Gill! Second World Cup fifty for India’s young sensation and he will be hoping to convert this into a big one. Looped up, in the slot, on middle, Shubman Gill waits for the ball to arrive and picks the bones out of it to hit it hard past Virat Kohli. The ball races away to the long fence in quick time for a boundary. IND vs SL: Match 33: FIFTY! Shubman Gill completes 52 (55b, 8x4, 0x6). IND 117/1 (18.3 Ovs). CRR: 6.32

18.2 overs (0 Run) Short and turning away, outside off, Shubman Gill reaches out and cuts it late but can’t get it past short third man.

18.1 overs (0 Run) Floated up, on middle and leg, Shubman Gill presses forward and nudges it towards mid-wicket.

17.6 overs (0 Run) This is on a good length again, outside off, Virat Kohli punches it from the crease towards short extra cover.

17.5 overs (0 Run) Delivers it on a good length, on off, Virat Kohli blocks it back to the bowler.

17.4 overs (1 Run) Back of a length, outside off, Shubman Gill steps out and punches it along the ground to long off for a single.

17.3 overs (0 Run) At the stumps, on a good length, Shubman Gill pushes it straight to mid on for a dot.

17.2 overs (2 Runs) In the air…but it falls in no man’s land! Fuller in length, outside off, Shubman Gill steps out to go down the ground but ends up slicing it in the air. Luckily for him, he gets it over extra cover as the ball drops well behind the fielder for a couple of runs.

17.1 overs (4 Runs) FOUR! A gift and Shubman Gill says thank you very much! Kasun Rajitha begins by bowling it short and wide outside off, Shubman Gill needs no second invitation as he frees his arms to slap it hard and over point for a boundary.

16.6 overs (1 Run) A bit short and around middle, Shubman Gill moves back and punches it towards long on for one more.

16.5 overs (1 Run) Flighted, full and on middle, Virat Kohli drills it towards long on for one.

16.4 overs (0 Run) Fires this one full and around leg, Virat Kohli looks to whip it away but misses and gets hit on the pads.

16.3 overs (1 Run) Drops it short, turning away, outside off, Shubman Gill allows the ball to turn and cuts it to deep cover for one. With that, the 100-run partnership comes up between these two batters.

16.2 overs (1 Run) Full and outside off, driven away to deep cover for a single.

16.1 overs (2 Runs) FIFTY FOR VIRAT KOHLI! 70th ODI fifty for the King! Dushan Hemantha floats it up this time, full and at the stumps, Virat Kohli gets down and slog sweeps it through mid-wicket for a couple of runs. The crowd get up on their feet to applaud the master. Will they witness ODI century number 49 here? IND vs SL: Match 33: FIFTY! Virat Kohli completes 50 (50b, 8x4, 0x6). IND 102/1 (16.1 Ovs). CRR: 6.31

16.1 overs (3 Runs) NO BALL! Dushan Hemantha errs in length as he bowls it too full, outside off, Virat Kohli waits and drives it firmly to the left of deep cover for a couple of runs. Dushan Hemantha has overstepped as well and it will be a Free Hit now.

15.6 overs (0 Run) Good shot for no run! Charges in from around the wicket and hurls it full, outside off, Shubman Gill gets the weight on the front foot and drives it crisply but straight to extra cover.

15.5 overs (0 Run) On a good length, outside off, Shubman Gill crouches and cuts this one hard but picks out the man at backward point.

15.4 overs (4 Runs) FOUR! Absolutely hammered! Dilshan Madushanka goes short again but this one does not rise as he intended and offers width outside off, Shubman Gill shimmies down the track and latches onto the width by slapping it through covers for a boundary.

15.3 overs (1 Run) Bends his back and bangs it in short, over middle and leg, Virat Kohli taps the ball on his head as he controls the pull towards deep backward square leg for a single.

15.2 overs (0 Run) Pulls the length back and bowls it outside off, Virat Kohli allows the ball to come to him and dabs it with soft hands towards backward point.

15.1 overs (4 Runs) FOUR! Picture perfect! Dilshan Madushanka delivers it full and swinging in, at the stumps, Virat Kohli uses his feet to convert it into a half-volley and drives it with a straight bat to the right of mid off for a boundary.

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