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Ind vs Aus Final Live Cricket Score: Travis Head has scored a half-century.© AFP

IND vs AUS, World Cup 2023 Final, Live Updates: Travis Head is growing in confidence as he bats India out of the Cricket World Cup final. Centurion Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne have ensured that their fourth wicket stand, after Australia lost three early wickets, takes Asutralia to safety in a 241-run stand. Earlier, Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah raised India’s spirits and hope with three deadly blows against Australia. Steve Smith, Mitchell Marsh and David Warner are back in the pavilion chasing 241. India were all out for 240 in 50 overs. For India, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul scored half-centuries while Rohit Sharma slammed 47 off 31 balls. Mitchell Starc took three wickets while Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood scalped two each as India were restricted below 250. (Live Scorecard)

World Cup 2023 Final Live Updates: India vs Australia Live Score | IND vs AUS Final, Straight from Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad

November19202321:10 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: FOUR!

A short ball and Marnus Labuschagne has pulled it away for a four towards fine leg. Australia are only 11 runs away from a record-extending 6th ODI World Cup title.

AUS 230/3 (40.3)

November19202321:09 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Fifty for Labuschagne!

A four on the leg side from Marnus Labuschagne and he gets to his half-century with it. He gets there in 99 balls. Strike rate doesn’t matter as this innings has played a crucial role alongside that of Travis Head to put Australia right before the victory line.

AUS 225/3 (40)

November19202321:04 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Australia need 22 in 66!

Australia are closing in on a win here against India. They need 22 runs in 66 balls.

AUS 219/3 (39)

November19202320:57 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: SIX!

A big six from Travis Head and Australia need 29 runs to win now. They are closing in on a win here in Ahmedabad.

AUS 212/3 (37.3)

November19202320:53 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: SIX!

A short ball from Mohammed Siraj and Travid Head hits it out of the boundary line for a six. It went to over 80 metres. Australia need 38 runs in 81 balls.

November19202320:42 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: SIX!

A fuller ball Ravindra Jadeja to start the over with and Travis Head has hit it for a massive six to wide of long-on. Australia need 50 runs more to win the game. Mere formality remains in this match.

AUS 191/3 (34.1)

November19202320:41 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Century for Travis Head!

A single and Travis Head races to his century number 5 in ODI cricket. He gets there in 95 balls. What a terrific knock this is from the Australian southpaw! He saw the team reeling at 47 for 3 and now he has put the team up at 185/3. Australia are only 56 runs away from victory.

AUS 185/3 (33.5)

November19202320:35 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Australia need 69 to win!

A two-run over from Kuldeep Yadav. Australia are going really well against India in this chase. They need 69 runs more to wrap up this game.

AUS 172/3 (32)

November19202320:27 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Australia cruise towards total!

A two-run over from Jasprit Bumrah. Australia need 74 runs more to win. India have not been able to break this stand of Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne. The duo has added 120 runs off 138 balls.

AUS 167/3 (30)

November19202320:20 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Poor luck for India!

A fuller delivery from Jasprit Bumrah hit Marnus Labuschagne on the front pad. Umpire was unconvinced with the appeal and India went upstairs. Ball tracking revealed that it would have clipped the leg stumps and the decision stayed not out on ‘umpire’s call’. 

AUS 157/3 (27.4)

November19202320:17 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: FOUR!

A fuller ball from Jasprit Bumrah and Travis Head drives it down the ground for a four. This seems to be Australia’s game to lose from here. They need only 85 to win at 3.78 runs per over with 7 wickets in hand.

AUS 156/3 (27.3)

November19202320:15 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: 100-run stand!

A 101-run stand between Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne. Indian players are completely on the backfoot. This is superb batting from Australia. 

AUS 148/3 (27)

November19202320:11 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Nine-run over!

A pull shot from Travis Head for a four towards backward square leg and Australia are only 97 runs away from a victory over India. Nine runs came off the over from Mohammed Shami. The game is going out of India’s grip now or has it gone already? 

AUS 144/3 (26)

November19202320:09 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: FOUR!

A fuller ball from Mohammed Shami and Marnus Labuschagne has played a beautiful cover drive on it for a four. Australia are only 102 runs away from a sixth ODI World Cup title. India need someone to perform exceptionally well from here to win this game now. 

AUS 139/3 (25.1)

November19202320:07 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: FOUR!

24.1 – A thick outside edge from the bat of Travis Head and the ball flies past the vacant first slip region for a four.

AUS 131/3 (24.1)

November19202319:56 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Fifty for Head!

21.2 – A single and Travis Head races to his half-century with it. He gets there in 58 balls and Australia are dominating this chase now. This is turning out to be superb knock from the Australian opener.

AUS 117/3 (22)

November19202319:50 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: 100 up for Australia!

Australia have crossed the mark of 100 runs. Travis Head is close to his half-century and India could feel the pressure now.

AUS 104/3 (20)

November19202319:45 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: 50-run partnership!

18.4 – A single and the partnership between Marnus Labuschagne and Travis Head is now of 50 runs. This has sent India on the backfoot. The Australian duo is looking really solid at the crease and have kept the scoreboard ticking for Australia.

AUS 99/3 (19)  

November19202319:42 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Good over!

Only two runs came off the Kuldeep Yadav over. Australia need 146 runs more to win of the remaining 32 over. Things are going really well for the hosts. India deperately need a wicket here to keep themselves boosted. 

AUS 95/3 (18)

November19202319:36 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Australia in control!

This partnership between Marnus Labuschagne and Travis Head has once again pushed India to the corner. Both are looking really solid at the crease and the surface also seems to have eased a lot.

AUS 93/3 (17)

November19202319:34 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: FOUR!

A short ball from Mohammed Siraj and Travis Head cut it away for a four past the backward point.

AUS 91/3 (16.4)

November19202319:30 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: SIX!

A fuller ball from Kuldeep Yadav. There was flight on offer and Travis Head hit it for a six over deep mid-wicket fence. Head is now capitalizing on his good start.

AUS 86/3 (15.5)

November19202319:28 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Four-run over!

A four-run over from Ravindra Jadeja. He is also not getting much turn from the surface. Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne have steadied the Australian boat beautifully. They have added 31 runs so far for the fourth wicket.

AUS 78/3 (15)

November19202319:26 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Australia going well!

A four-run over from Kuldeep Yadav. Marnus Labuschagne and Travis Head are happy taking singles against Indian spinners. Australia need 4.64 runs per over so singles could easily help their cause. India need a wicket here to keep themselves in the game.

AUS 74/3 (14)

November19202319:23 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Change of strategy from Australia!

Australia are now relying on the defensive route now. They are depending on strike rotation more now after a flying start. Only two runs came off the Ravindra Jadeja over. 

AUS 70/3 (13)

November19202319:20 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Decent start for Kuldeep!

Kuldeep Yadav gave away three runs in his first over. He could not get as much turn as Ravindra Jadeja got. Australia are going slow but nice. 

AUS 68/3 (12)

November19202319:18 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: An LBW appeal against Head!

A fuller ball from Ravindra Jadeja hit Travis Head on the front foot. It was followed by a loud appeal from the Indian players. Umpire was unconvinced and so was wicketkeeper KL Rahul and that was the reason India didn’t go upstairs. It was a good decision as the ball was later found to be missing the leg stump.  

AUS 65/3 (11)

November19202319:16 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Labuschagne is off the mark!

Marnus Labuschagne is finally off the mark on the 10th ball of his innings. He must be a relieved man now as Indian bowlers had really choked him for runs.

AUS 63/3 (10.3)

November19202319:14 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Nine-run over!

Two fours and a single came in it. Australia got nine runs off the over. Marnus Labuschagne has not opened his account yet after playing seven balls, but Travis Head is looking really good. It’s the end of first powerplay and now spinner Ravindra Jadeja will bowl from one end.

AUS 60/3 (10)

November19202319:12 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Another FOUR!

A fuller ball from Mohammed Shami and Travis Head has hit it down the ground for a four. The ball comfortably beat the mid-on fielder.

AUS 59/3 (9.4)

November19202319:11 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: FOUR!

That is a clever shot from Travis Head for a four. It was bowled outside off stump from Mohammed Shami and Head cut the ball away from the backfoot for the boundary. The ball went in between the first slip and short third man.

November19202319:09 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Poor wicketkeeping!

A slower from Jasprit Bumrah and KL Rahul failed to collect the ball behind the stumps. That is poor wicketkeeping from the player. You cannot afford to leak runs when you have such a low total on the board to defend.

AUS 51/3 (8.5)

November19202319:05 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: India on top!

A sea of blue is backing the Indian cricket team at the Narendra Modi Stadium with the venue certainly receiving the loudest cheer ever. India are right on top of this game. Mohammed Shami has bowled a maiden over.

AUS 47/3 (8)

November19202319:01 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: OUT!

Would you believe it? Jasprit Bumrah has bowled a peach of a delivery to get rid of Steve Smith. This is a dream final for the cricket fans and if you are an Indian fan, just hold your breath and celebrate this wicket. It swung into Smith and hit him on the back pad. Umpire raised his finger and all that followed was an animated celebration from Jasprit Bumrah. You rarely see him this animated. This is the beauty of a Cricket World Cup final! 

AUS 47/3 (7)

November19202318:58 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: FOUR!

A fuller delivery from Jasprit Bumrah and Steve Smith has a played a glorious drive on it for a four. The ball beat the mid-on fielder comfortably to run away to the long-on fence for a four. This is really good batting by Smith. 

AUS 47/2 (6.4)

November19202318:56 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Good bowling!

Mohammed Shami has bowled a one-run over. This is a good comeback from the right-arm pacer. It not looking his best, Shami is at least looking good now. Australia need 4.52 runs per over from here so the scoring rate might not be a concern for the side.

AUS 42/2 (6)

November19202318:48 (IST)


Australia are two down!!! Jasprit Bumrah has got the wicket of Mitchell Marsh! The Indian players can believe it, the Indian fans can believe it now. The game is on! That was short of a length delivery that swung away from Marsh but the batter edged it to wicketkeeper KL Rahul while trying to go for a big one. 

AUS 41/2 (4.3)

November19202318:46 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: Expensive over!

Mohammed Shami is finding it really hard to bowl on the correct line and length. He leaked 12 runs in his second over and Australia are now 200 runs away from a win. India need some wickets to put the pressure back on Australia. 

AUS 41/1 (4)

November19202318:44 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: SIX!

A fuller ball from Mohammed Shami and Mitchell Marsh has send it over the fence for a six. There was the length on offer and Marsh hit it over the long-off for a biggie.

AUS 38/1 (3.3)

November19202318:40 (IST)

IND vs AUS Live: End of eventful over from Bumrah!

That was the bowling of highest quality from Bumrah in the over. He gave away only one run and kept both the Australian batters Mitchell Marsh and Travis Head under the pump. 

AUS 29/1 (3)

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