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Company-wide layoffs are gradually affecting Amazon India staff. It is estimated that 500 workers across all industries are already impacted, and it seems that some of them have already received the termination notice. The layoff has had a significant impact on one former employee at Amazon’s Bengaluru headquarters, who is now having difficulty finding work. Former employee Srishti Dasgupta, a senior compliance associate, said on LinkedIn that it had taken her more than 20 days to absorb being let go.

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In her essay, Dasgupta also mentions that she has experienced a “range of emotions” since being let off of her position in April. I’m lamenting the loss of my career, the friendships I had with my coworkers, and the feeling of fulfillment I experienced at work. I’m also upset by the circumstances, and I’m unsure of what the future may bring. I’m aware that I’m not experiencing this alone. Every year, a lot of individuals lose their jobs, and it’s a challenging moment.

Dasgupta notes that she is continually analyzing the circumstances and searching for fresh chances. More devastated employees are posting their tales online each week as Amazon’s layoffs proceed. Most of the time, former employees have had positive things to say about the business, their coworkers, and the culture. They were most dissatisfied with the layoff procedure, however. Another ex-Amazon worker said earlier this month that she had a system lockout after lunch.

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The worker found out later that she had been fired. She has also voiced her displeasure with the way the business handled the layoffs. According to a report published earlier this week, several workers at Amazon India’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), People Experience and Technology Solutions (PXT), and other departments were impacted. Soon, some staff could also get letters of resignation.

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