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At the company’s annual event, Google I/O, Alphabet, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke about how AI will be the core technology in all of the company’s products, including phones.

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Google also unveiled its first foldable phone, the Pixel Fold, the Pixel Tablet, and the Pixel 7a, a scaled-down version of the Pixel 7 series. The senior executive recently discussed foldable phones, his daily driver, and Google Vision in an interview.

Pichai discussed the future of smartphones in a conversation with Arun Maini of the “Mrwhosetheboss” YouTube channel. When Maini questioned Pichai about his phone during their meeting, he immediately replied, “The Google Pixel 7 Pro.” The CEO continued by stating that he has many phones, including an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy. “…it’s the Pixel 7 Pro..I use everywhere from a Samsung Galaxy to the newest Pixel Fold to the iPhone. “…your SIM travels everywhere?” Pichai answered Maini’s question by saying, “I only have additional numbers too.”

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“What we’re trying to do is provide people greater capability on a gadget they’re carrying, be highly productive, and amuse them, Pichai said. Regarding the topic of whether the current foldable smartphone design marks the end of the queue for some, Pichai said, “It will be it.” Some of the trade-offs will be outweighed by the advantages it offers. Foldable phones are presently for those who want to live a little bit in the future, according to Pichai. It provides you with these incredible talents, but I believe there is still room for improvement in this area as a whole.

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