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Former head of Twitter India, Manish Maheshwari, slammed Elon Musk in a scathing tweet. Maheswhari wonders how Sushant Singh Rajput (among other celebs who have passed away) would come to allegedly verify their phone numbers for Twitter Blue. He wrote that either Elon Musk is lying or somehow people have figured out a way to carry their cell phones in the afterlife.

Wondering how @itsSSR verified his phone number @elonmusk? Either you are lying or people have figured out a way to carry their phone in afterlife. pic.twitter.com/QENiHCLjPp

— Manish Maheshwari (@manishm) April 26, 2023

On April 20, 2023, Twitter did away with legacy blue badges as the platform rolled out Twitter Blue subscriptions for individuals and corporations. The move ensued chaos as celebs and renowned personalities across the globe lost their blue ticks. In the aftermath, many accounts were mysteriously restored with blue badges under the new Twitter Blue scheme. The accounts of many celebs who have passed away were also granted verified blue badges, confusing the internet. Twitter Blue is availed only through a verified phone number, and there’s no way dead celebs can possibly have access to one. Would they? So how did the accounts get a new leash?

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Reportedly, accounts with over 1 million followers were automatically granted Twitter Blue, even as many celebs were reluctant to pay for the subscription. Most dead celebrities’ accounts have a following exceeding a million. However, the Internet had a couple other theories. Here’s how SSR fans reacted to Maheshwari’s tweet:

After 1M followers got verified automatically and also a person who is no more got their blue tick back.

— Manisha Vakharia (@manishavak) April 26, 2023

My guess – he’d verified his number back then, was a verified account with a large following, and then they just made all large legacy accounts Blue ones.

— Chinmay Bhogle (@chinmaybhogle) April 26, 2023

Sir, As a fan of @itsSSR, I request you not to drag Sushant in all these.
Your concern is wth his blue tick or how verified his phone number?
FYI, many more people got back their bue tick, who r no more & I hope U know how all users get their number verified while signing in ❤️🙏🏻

— S U P R I Y A (@its_ssrwarrior) April 26, 2023

Most likely his team was managing this handle and therefor they would most likely have changed the primary phone number long back.

— KaKes KK🧢 (@kakeskkd) April 26, 2023

I have to wonder how you used to be Twitter India Chief, after this tweet.

— mani gupta (@manigupta50) April 26, 2023

Trying to stay relevant using Sushant’s name!

— Sanra3.0 🇮🇳 (@Sanra05) April 26, 2023

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