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What do the biggest celebrities actually earn for a single sponsored Instagram post?

The numbers will both astound and annoy you, seeing the rich get richer with every update to the app, with even a basic post earning the top stars potentially millions of dollars.

Though it also makes sense. These high-profile users offer huge exposure potential with their endorsements, and getting them to post on your brand’s behalf can be a game-changer in many respects. Indeed, I’m sure that most brands would be happy to pay these amounts for the benefits of association, yet even so, the list is pretty mind-boggling, when you consider what these amounts mean in actual, real-world terms.

To provide some perspective, the team from Visual Capitalist has published this listing of the highest-earning Instagram users, per post, based on research conducted by HopperHQ.

So these are estimates, we don’t know for sure that these are the actual amounts these celebrities are paid. But anywhere close would be enough to change your life, in a single IG update.

Check out the visualization below.

Instagram rich list

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