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Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, is set to testify in an antitrust battle around Google’s search dominance and advertising practices. Pichai, a witness for Google, will likely discuss the company’s investments in search competitiveness amid the rise of smartphones and innovations in search advertising. In cross-examination, the government may inquire about Google’s annual payments to secure its search engine as the default on smartphones.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai to testify Monday in US Google antitrust trial

— Reuters (@Reuters) October 27, 2023

The Allegations and Google’s Response

The U.S. government accuses Google of funnelling approximately $10 billion yearly to smartphone makers like Apple and telecom carriers such as AT&T to maintain its default search engine status. Google defends these agreements, asserting they are lawful and aimed at ensuring competitiveness in search and advertising. Users have the option to choose alternative search providers.

The trial’s outcome holds considerable implications for Google and the broader tech sector. Key figures like Eddy Cue from Apple and Satya Nadella from Microsoft have also provided testimony, shedding light on the stakes in securing default search engine status.

New Maps updates

Beep, beep! We’re rolling out new AI-powered Maps updates — like Immersive View for Routes, Lens in Maps and more detailed navigation and EV charging station info. Ready, set, go ↓

— Google (@Google) October 26, 2023

Recently, Google has unveiled an array of AI-driven enhancements to Maps, introducing features like Immersive View, Lens integration within Maps, and improved Search functionality. These updates aim to simplify travel planning and enhance the driving experience for users.

Watch here

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