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In a significant move, Google unveiled the highly anticipated Pixel Watch 2 alongside the Pixel 8 series last month, marking its debut in the Indian market. However, despite the excitement surrounding its launch, users have raised concerns about charging problems plaguing the Pixel Watch 2. Numerous complaints have surfaced, drawing attention to the issue. Reportedly, Google is actively addressing the problem, acknowledging users’ concerns, and diligently working on a solution to rectify the charging issues. Stay tuned for updates as Google strives to resolve this concern and ensure a seamless experience for Pixel Watch 2 users.

Please Help: Pixel Watch 2 Not Charging or Updating
byu/SirBeef inPixelWatch

Pixel Watch 2 Issues

In a detailed account shared on Reddit, a Pixel Watch 2 user described their frustrating experience with the device refusing to charge. Despite numerous attempts, the smartwatch remained unresponsive, rendering it impossible to set up. Uncertain whether the fault lay with the charger or the watch itself, the user contacted Google support, who acknowledged the issue as an ongoing problem with the Pixel Watch 2.

I’ve only had issues with the pixel watch 2 charger on fitbit chargers (looks like it visibly detects a charger, but just doesn’t register it charging), but I think that’s a pin issue? it takes so little time to charge vs the watch 1 that it hasn’t really bothered me much.

— Jeffrey Young (@Lilazndude) November 2, 2023

After several failed attempts, the user eventually obtained a new charger for the Pixel Watch 2, which initially seemed to resolve the problem. However, the issue resurfaced, leading to the replacement of the watch with a new unit that functioned correctly.

Hey there, thanks for bringing this up. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We know this isn’t the experience you wish to have with your Google Pixel Watch 2. We’re aware of this issue and our team is working hard toward a solution. We suggest trying again at a later time.

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle) October 12, 2023

The Reddit thread also highlighted similar charging issues faced by other Pixel Watch 2 users. Despite experimenting with various adapters, many encountered the same problem – the watch simply would not charge, indicating a widespread concern among users.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Faces Charging Issues: User Complaints Emerge#GooglePixelWatch2 #ChargingIssues #TechNews #UserComplaints #WearableTech #SmartwatchProblems

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— Mazi Justice Nwafor (@realJust_ice) November 3, 2023

Users encountering charging issues with the Pixel Watch 2 faced a frustrating ordeal, exacerbated by difficulties in obtaining proper assistance from Google. Despite various attempts, a resolution only came when a user sought support from Google One, leading to a transfer to a Google Store executive. The problem’s origin—whether with the charger or the watch itself—remained ambiguous, underscoring the need for precise diagnosis to address the ongoing challenges faced by Pixel Watch 2 users.

I haven’t had any Pixel 8 issues, but I had a weird issue with my Pixel Watch 2. It stopped charging at 98%, and then fell back to 93% and stayed there.

— Rich (@rcr_92) November 2, 2023

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