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The recent launch of the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro has ignited a surge of anticipation within the tech community. These cutting-edge smartphones are laden with an array of innovative features and upgraded hardware components, rendering them a subject of intense interest and discussion. However, for discerning tech aficionados, an aspect of equal importance is the durability of these devices, and that’s precisely what we aim to scrutinize here.

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Google Pixel 8 Pro Drop and Scratch Test

PBKreviews conducted a rigorous drop and scratch test on the Google Pixel 8 Pro, the results of which were documented on YouTube. Impressively, the smartphone emerged from the examination in commendable condition.

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The examination comprised several drops from both waist and head heights onto various surfaces of the phone, including its front, back, and sides. Notably, the Pixel 8 Pro exhibited remarkable resilience, with the only noteworthy damage being confined to one corner of the display. Remarkably, even this damage had no discernible impact on the phone’s regular functionality.

In an additional trial, the Pixel 8 Pro was subjected to a bag of dirt and gravel, and it weathered the experience with minimal issues. The entire test, while not adhering to scientific standards, offers a captivating demonstration of the smartphone’s durability. To see the results in action, you can watch the video for yourself.

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Apart from its resilience, the Pixel 8 Pro is distinguished by its remarkable specifications. It sports a 6.7-inch LTPO OLED screen, presenting users with a high-resolution visual experience at 2992 x 1344 pixels. Bolstered by a generous 12GB of RAM and offering storage options ranging from 128GB to an astonishing 1TB, this smartphone is unquestionably a powerhouse when it comes to performance.

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