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Do you know what hasn’t been included in the most current Google smartphone lineup? Gimmicks. Gimmicks, but not just any gimmicks; Google-style gimmicks, ones that exist today but disappear next year. Do you recall the Soli radar? Exactly.

In light of this, you will undoubtedly be pleased to see that the future Pixel 8 Pro is now said to be equipped with an infrared thermometer on the back, located just under the circular LED Flash within the camera hump. Unsurprisingly, the thermometer will be able to determine your body’s temperature.

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The sensor seems to be comparable to that used by the majority of contactless thermometers (which should bring back wonderful memories of the epidemic!). You must bring the Pixel 8 Pro as near to your forehead as you can without having it contact your skin to utilize the temperature sensor. Within five seconds, you just hit the start button and move the phone near your temple. When the temperature has been accurately measured, the phone vibrates.

How user-friendly is this given that the screen is on the other side of the phone—that is, the side that is not facing you in this situation? There was a video illustrating how the function works, but it was published on YouTube, which was not the best idea ever given that site is controlled by Google and the recording has been deleted for breaking YouTube’s Terms of Service.

First leaked video of the Pixel 8 Pro showing off the phone and it’s new thermometer feature.

This phone looks 🔥 I genuinely can’t wait for Pixel 8 series to launch. Please let Tensor G3 be better 🙏🏼#Pixel8pro #googlepixel #teampixel #google

Leaks are from 91 mobiles pic.twitter.com/mg3I2BRO3u

— Neil Sargeant (@Neil_Sarg) May 18, 2023

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Sure, that doesn’t seem like a wonderful user experience, but when the next pandemic strikes, you’ll be ready to scan everyone around with only your Pixel 8 Pro and no other gear, so there’s that. Don’t think about saving money and purchasing the base Pixel 8 since this revolutionary new feature will only be accessible on the Pro variant.

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