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Google is continuously adding new functionality to its Pixel devices, like Magic Eraser, Magic Editor, and even artificial intelligence-generated movie backgrounds. These are only a few instances of the advantages that Pixels have. Having said that, it seems like Google is working on a new safety feature that will allow you to use your current Pixel device—or any Android phone, for that matter—as a dashcam.

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9to5The updated Personal Safety app that was posted to the Google Play Store had the newly discovered capability, according to Google. According to the news source, Google may have unintentionally leaked a “dogfood” copy of Personal Safety, allowing it to sample this upcoming feature. Whether or whether this is the case is unknown, but what matters is that the news organization was able to remove this new dashcam option from the app and investigate its functionality.

Currently, the Personal Safety app’s “Be prepared” area is where users may access the dashcam option. You may program your smartphone to automatically start recording when it detects a Bluetooth device or start recording manually. The source claims that phone functioning is unaffected while the dashcam is on, which is wonderful since when using the camera to capture video regularly, the recording generally ends when the app is closed. Additionally, it seems that movies may still be recorded in dashcam mode even while the screen is off.

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While this all sounds nice, you must be wondering how much storage space these video recordings would use. You’ll be relieved to learn that they use around “30MB per minute,” with a 24-hour maximum recording time. Users may choose to just record video or to record both video and audio. It seems that Google does provide the option to erase the recordings automatically following three days, even with an optimized file size. Since it should provide more than adequate coverage out the front while driving around, the camera may currently just utilize the main camera sensor, which should be enough for most purposes.

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