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Google Maps Street View, a popular feature that provides users with a virtual representation of their surroundings, is now available in numerous cities across India. Last year, Google announced the launch of Street View for Maps in India, initially as a pilot program in Bengaluru. With this feature, users can now explore locations, access Street View on Maps, and immerse themselves in a 360-degree view of roads and buildings, providing a realistic experience as if they were physically present.

This comprehensive imagery proves particularly helpful in aiding navigation and providing a preview of destinations. Notably, Street View made a return to India last year after a six-year ban due to security concerns.

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In general, Google Maps offers a 360-degree viewing option for many locations, allowing users to explore their surroundings virtually. However, it’s worth noting that certain areas, like Rohtak in Haryana, may only be accessible through static images rather than the full 360-degree experience. Moreover, when using the web version of Google Maps, users can find a small caption positioned at the bottom right of a photo, indicating the date it was captured. This feature provides users with valuable information regarding the timeframe of the imagery they are viewing.

How to use Google Maps Street View

To access Street View on Google Maps, follow these steps:

On PC:

Open your preferred web browser, preferably Chrome.
Navigate to Google Maps.
Locate the “Layers” box positioned at the bottom left of the screen.
Click on the “Layers” box to reveal additional options.
Enable Street View by selecting the corresponding option.

You can now manually explore different areas by dragging and dropping the yellow person icon onto the desired location or by entering the location in the search box.

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On Android phones or iPhones:

Head to Google Maps app on your smartphone.
On the map screen, find the “Layers” box located at the right side of the screen.
Tap on the “Layers” box to expand the options.
Enable Street View by selecting the appropriate choice.
Once Street View is activated, you can manually select an area by tapping on the map or by entering the desired location in the search box.
By following these steps, you can easily access and explore Street View on Google Maps using either a PC or an Android phone/iPhone.

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