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Google Chrome is gearing up to enhance its desktop user experience by introducing a ‘read aloud’ feature, currently in testing within the Canary version. While the initial rollout may appear straightforward, it proves effective in its functionality.

A noteworthy aspect of the Read Aloud feature is its adjustable playback speed, granting users control over the pace at which articles are narrated. Furthermore, forthcoming updates will provide users with the flexibility to switch between various voice options. In terms of a user interface, the ‘Read Aloud’ feature introduces a thoughtful design element: as the article is vocalized, the currently read sentence is highlighted, while sections that have been read fade into the background.

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This ensures users can effortlessly monitor their reading progress. For those who may find the highlighting distracting, Chrome now includes a button to disable this feature.

Further, Chrome is also enhancing its visual aesthetics. An existing feature in Chrome allows the browser’s theme colour to harmonize with the wallpaper displayed on the New Tab Page. Formerly limited to images from the ‘Customize Chrome’ panel, the latest updates in Chrome Canary now extend this feature to user-uploaded images, offering a more personalized and visually pleasing browsing experience.

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