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A deluge of false AI photos has appeared on the internet, social media, and feeds as generative artificial intelligence (AI) has grown in popularity. If you are struggling with the same pandemic where it is difficult to distinguish between phony and genuine, you will soon be free of this issue.

The tech behemoth Google has revealed that it will release a feature called “About this image” this summer that will enable users to identify artificial intelligence (AI) produced, fraudulent photos and videos. The new function will first be offered in English in the US. The timetable for the feature’s worldwide rollout has not been provided by the corporation.

In the near future, Google will provide a feature that will allow users to see the context of a picture, including when it and related photos were originally indexed by the search engine, possible early appearances, and other online appearances (such as on news, social media, or fact-checking websites).

You may determine if a picture is trustworthy or whether you need to take a second look with the help of this background information about it. For instance, if you used the About this picture feature, you may notice that news reports had noted that the staged moon landing image was an artificial intelligence (AI) creation, according to Google’s blog post.

Once it’s live, users will be able to access the feature by clicking the three dots next to an image in Google Images search results, conducting a search with an image or screenshot in Google Lens, or swiping up in the Google App whenever they come across an image on a website that piques their interest and they want to learn more about it.

Additionally, Google said that it will soon include generative picture capabilities, ensuring that each of its AI-generated photos has a markup in the source file to provide viewers with context. You will be able to see a label on photos in Google Search indicating that they are AI-generated since creators and publishers will be able to add comparable markups. These should be available from a number of publishers in the next months, including Midjourney, Shutterstock, and others.

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