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Shark Tank India has been a ride, and many startups that hopped on the business reality show made it to their preferred destination. The founders sure are elated with the infusion of VC funds bolstering their dreams; however, it’s the sharks who are the real winners of the show, reaping the benefits of their intuitive investments. Emcure’s executive director, Namita Thapar, shared on Instagram how two of her major investments are faring now. Sunfox, a smart pocket ECG startup by Rajat Jain, and Janitri, another healthtech startup to increase maternal mortality by Arun Agarwal. Namita tabled a deal with Sunfox in season one of Shark Tank India. while she invested in Janitri in the second season of the show.

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While Janitri got a check of Rs 1 crore from Namita Thapar in season 2, Sunfox had won an all sharks deal in season 1. Their product, a pocket ECG, is 99.7% perfect at detecting cardiac dysfunctions, according to the company.

Namita met with both Rajat and Arun at her Emcure office in Mumbai. She remarks that both the health tech startups have gone from making 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs now. She writes that this is merely the beginning of the journey. Beyond the revenue, Namita quips that she is more inspired by the deep sense of purpose in these two founders. She reveals that Sunfox founder Rajat worked with Emcure at Kedarnath in 2022. She also praised Janitri founder Arun’s enthusiasm and vision for maternal mortality.

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