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Meta’s Facebook has quietly unveiled an updated logo, wordmark, and reaction emojis. The new logo, though resembling the previous one, has adopted a slightly deeper shade of blue and now maintains a flatter design, all while retaining the lowercase “f.”

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Explaining the rationale behind the update, they expressed, “Our goal was to craft a refreshed Facebook logo that exuded confidence, energy, and timelessness. These distinctive refinements contribute to a more cohesive overall design, becoming a fundamental component of the app’s identity. This was achieved by embracing a more assertive rendition of Facebook’s core blue colour, enhancing visual accessibility within our app and creating a stronger contrast that allows the ‘f’ to truly stand out.”

The updated Facebook logo just wasn’t needed at all.

— Destopiia (@Destopiia) September 21, 2023

“I really love the phrase “a more confident expression of Facebook’s core blue colour.” That’s a lot of words to say that the logo is a darker blue!”

— Paul Wiggins 🍺 (@paulwiggins) September 21, 2023

Throughout its history, the social media platform’s logo has evolved through various iterations, initially featuring square boundaries and eventually transitioning to the current circular design. According to the company, the latest logo utilizes their custom typeface, Facebook Sans, and introduces a revamped wordmark and logo to establish a uniform visual identity and enhance overall readability.

The fresh design has left some individuals on social media feeling perplexed, while others have taken a closer look at the nuances of the design alterations. Additionally, Facebook has introduced a new colour palette, incorporating a fresh array of hues, tones, and contrast ratios into its visual identity.

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