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Beginning the following week, it is anticipated that Walt Disney Company will terminate the employment of thousands of employees. One-fifteenth of the employees working in Disney’s entertainment division will lose their jobs as a result of these layoffs.

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According to reports, which cited sources that were familiar with the situation, the people whose jobs would be eliminated would include those who are currently employed by Disney’s television and film businesses, in addition to those who are currently employed in theme parks and corporate positions.

According to the report by Bloomberg, the most recent round of job cuts will affect any region in which Disney maintains operations. It was added that employees who would be affected would begin receiving notifications beginning on April 24. As part of its cost-cutting initiatives to reduce its annual expenditures by $5.5 billion, Disney announced that it would be cutting 7,000 jobs earlier in the month of February.

The number of employees at Disney Entertainment, which houses the business’s film and television production operations, as well as its streaming and distribution operations, would be significantly reduced as a result of the layoffs. This year saw the birth of Disney Entertainment as a direct consequence of the restructuring that Walt Disney undertook.

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As the streaming industry shifts its focus to operating online video platforms, major players such as NBC Universal, Warner Bros., and Paramount Global have also reduced their workforces. The current CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, took over once more after the previous CEO of the company, also named Bob, Bob Chapek, was terminated in November as a consequence of the company suffering a quarterly loss of $1.47 billion in its streaming division.

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