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A distressing incident occurred in South Korea as a worker from a robotics company lost his life when a robot, involved in handling boxes of vegetables, failed to distinguish him during an inspection. The tragic incident occurred when the man, in his 40s and employed by the robotics company, was conducting a routine check of the robot’s operations.

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— Paritosh Dutta (@Pduttaonly) November 9, 2023

As reported by the Korean news agency Yonhap, a tragic incident unfolded in a factory where a man in his 40s lost his life as a robotic arm accidentally crushed him while he was conducting an inspection. The robotic arm, created to lift and position vegetable boxes on conveyor belts, erroneously perceived the man as an object, grabbing and pushing him against the conveyor belt. This led to severe injuries to his face and chest. Despite immediate hospitalization, the man couldn’t survive the injuries.

#FPTech: Death by #Robots: Machine confuses man for a box of vegetables, crushes worker in tragic #RoboticAccident

— Tech2 (@tech2eets) November 9, 2023

Late on November 8th, an employee from the robotic arm manufacturing company was conducting sensor inspections at a pepper sorting facility in South Gyeongsang province. The purpose of these checks was to prepare for a scheduled test run that had been postponed from November 6th due to sensor problems. Unfortunately, during the late-night inspection on Wednesday, the robotic arm malfunctioned, resulting in the tragic incident.

After the incident, an official from the Donggoseong Export Agricultural Complex, the owner of the plant, advocated for the adoption of a “highly accurate and secure” system.

Man crushed to death by industrial robot that confused him for a box: police

— DSP (@DonnaPence5) November 10, 2023

South Korean police clarified that the robot involved in the fatal incident was not a sophisticated, artificial intelligence-powered machine but a basic one designed for lifting and placing boxes onto pallets. Authorities are now working in collaboration with relevant agencies to investigate whether the machine had technical defects, safety issues, or if human error played a role in the tragic event.

Authorities report that the sensors on the robot are programmed to recognize boxes, and footage from security cameras indicates that the man approached the robot while carrying a box, likely triggering the machine’s response. A police official emphasized that it was evident that the incident did not involve a sophisticated machine that confused a human with a box, stating, “This wasn’t a very sophisticated machine.”

🚨🚨Man crushed to death by robot in South Korea after it confused him for a box of vegetables

■The robot was on test tun at a bellpepper factory, crushed operator’s chest & skull.#Robot

— What’s Going On (@WhaatThe_F) November 9, 2023

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