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Cristiano Ronaldo and Salman Khan watched Tyson Fury’s boxing match© Twitter

In an epic crossover of Bollywood and football, India’s film industry superstar Salman Khan and iconic footballer Cristiano Ronaldo came in the same frame as they attended a boxing event in Saudi Arabia. Salman and Cristiano were spotted sitting next each other as they watched take on Francis Ngannou. It isn’t yet known if Salman and Ronaldo had any exchange on the sidelines of the event, but in one of the videos that have surfaced on social media, Cristiano could be seen walking past Salman before hugging the great ‘Ronaldo de Nazario’.

Ronaldo, as has been revealed in a report, is a big fan of the former UFC champion Ngannou. When Ronaldo first moved to Saudi Arabia, he and Ngannou apparently stayed in the same hotel, where the Portuguese footballer even requested the Cameroonian to meet him.

Salman bhai ignoring Ronaldo. Major flex. Tiger Zinda etc.

— Gabbar (@GabbbarSingh) October 30, 2023

“We were sitting at the Four Seasons Hotel, which is where [Ronaldo] was living at the time,” he told TNT Sports. “We met one of his guys named Richie. [He said:] ‘Actually, Cristiano is a big fan of Francis.’ Then he called Cristiano and he said: ‘Bring them up’ and they were in the pool and I’m like, even when I was going up: ‘I hope this guy is not messing with me’.

“Then we get up there and saw Cristiano and he was basically waiting on us and I was quite surprised. It’s Cristiano, right? We shake hands, we greet each other, like: ‘Hey, what’s up’ and he was very cool, very familiar at the same time.”

He added: “He was telling me stuff about me and how him and his family, they watch my fight at 4am. I’m like, man, you don’t know who really watches you. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t know me! But he knows me pretty good.”

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