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The internet is part amused, part horrified at this pizza commercial, generated by AI. It starts with a static and then a kid in a blue tee appears with a slice of pizza. The next frame introduces ‘Pepperoni Hug Spot’ , a chain of AI-made pizza. The next shot crops a family of 4 in the bustling pizzeria having fun with their favorite pizzas. The family appears distorted in part but not as horrifying as the next frame of a man with a smokey arm. The AI ad then introduces the ingredients of the Pepperoni Hug Spot’s most recommended pizza. Cheese, pepperoni (as if it was not already obvious) vegetable, and *drum rolls* secret things! What these ‘secret things’ are, will forever be a mystery. Don’t wanna dine in? Cut to the next shot. A delivery dude driving a car delivers the ‘Pizza Magic,’ at the doorstep. Skip the harrowing faces tryna gobble up the pepperoni pizzas. The ad then flashes the tag of the brand. ‘Like family but with more cheese!’ As if the ad wasn’t already creepy enough.

AI is now indistinguishable from reality.

It’s hard to believe, but this ad was AI generated. It’s not real.

The future is here. pic.twitter.com/paDtYhGVT2

— gaut (@0xgaut) April 25, 2023
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Reactions are pouring in at the horrifying pizza advertisement. Even Pizza Hut chimed in and remarked in jest that the ad is giving them the creeps. One user jibed on how uncanny the realism in the ad is with the smoky arm. Obviously the AI has no clue about human anatomy in motion. However, not all are skeptical about the prowess of AI. Although recent AI images do look dope, AI videos are a couple of years away. The fingers generated by the AI are a dead giveaway. But it might ace it in due time.

Indistinguishable from reality https://t.co/ArTiZQvqxS pic.twitter.com/JOzSGWShdl

— Flute Salad 🥗 | CEO of Pink Whisper (@Flute_SaladYT) April 26, 2023

my heebies have been jeebied

— Pizza Hut (@pizzahut) April 25, 2023

Especially the smoking arm, the realism is uncanny

— Rampage (@_Raging_Dad) April 25, 2023

This is like a commercial from @RickandMorty inter-dimensional cable pic.twitter.com/rphjXLXkmH

— Eric Watson jr (@Ironman_E) April 25, 2023


— vandul (@_vandul) April 25, 2023

To be honest yea this does look like the type of family that eats at pepperoni hug spot pic.twitter.com/PlrcT5ZawC

— Joe at the Beach 🏖 (@Crypto_Sunrise) April 25, 2023

The voice is good. AI Visual is BAD.
Does not make you feel like eating pizza.

This is the pizza I would like to have right now 😋 pic.twitter.com/mg0nmwGkWk

— C A Mallory (@CAMallory2) April 26, 2023

Is no one gonna talk about the “more secret things”?

— Daniel Knob (@KettlebellLife) April 25, 2023

Would you rather have 🍍 or “Secret Things” on your pizza? pic.twitter.com/2dFjUro3Qa

— Jason (@jasonistheshi) April 26, 2023

People are like:
‘Naaah, there’s smoke coming from his arm! The mouths are all wrong!’

Now, look at an AI-generated ad from 2021.


Within 2-3 years, these won’t only be indistinguishable from reality. They will make it impossible for humans to compete.

— Bruno | e-Com Marketing (@HigherROAS) April 25, 2023

“Like family, but with more cheese.” (What a slogan) 👏🏼 pic.twitter.com/90T52Y9joW

— ALEX BLAND (@alexbland) April 25, 2023

You can laugh at it, but it’s still disturbing that AI can generate video with what appears to be around 80% real.

Couple more years and you won’t be able to distinguish it from reality.

— BasedGiant (@BasedGiant_) April 25, 2023

this is TRUE analog horror. it’s like a robotic alternate trying and failing to mimick a human but for the ENTIRE TIME https://t.co/LUUXk1uEic

— ace | slots open (1/3) (@pantysbacklace) April 26, 2023

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