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Meta has faced employee backlash after it was revealed that top executives received six-figure bonuses in 2022 despite the company’s tumultuous year of layoffs and stock dips. During a virtual Q&A session with CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the issue of high payouts in light of ongoing layoffs was brought up, and workers reportedly grilled the CEO about the bonuses.

CFO Susan Li, CPO Christoper Cox, COO Javier Olivan, CTO Andrew Bosworth, Strategy Officer David Whener, and former COO Sheryl Sandberg were among those who received bonuses, with some individual executive bonuses as high as Rs 7.70 crore.

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As per The Wall Street Journal report, some Meta employees questioned why the executive team received high-performance ratings despite being accountable for the decisions that resulted in layoffs.

An employee at Meta reportedly questioned why the entire executive team received top-tier performance ratings (EE/GE ratings) despite being directly responsible for decisions that resulted in the need to lay off more than 20% of the company. The employee criticized the lack of accountability and raised questions about the executive team not being held responsible for their choices.

Bonuses awarded to top executives at Meta were based on individual performance calculations, according to a company filing. The target percentage was set at 75%, but the executives exceeded expectations by a significant margin, earning six-figure bonuses.


Bonus Amount

Bonus Amount in INR

CFO Susan Li


Rs 4.71 crore

CPO Christoper Cox


Rs 7.70 crore

COO Javier Olivan


Rs 6.44 crore

CTO Andrew Bosworth


Rs 5.85 crore

Strategy Officer David Whener


Rs 5.83 crore

Former COO Sheryl Sandberg


Rs 2.44 crore

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