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In the latest development in the Ashneer Grover vs. BharatPe saga, the Economic Offences Wing’s (EOW) investigation has found discrepancies in the invoices by the recruitment firms hired by the Grover family. According to the EOW, Ashneer Grover and his family members siphoned off funds from the fintech giant using backdated invoices. As reported in Mint, which broke the story, these invoices were generated for job orders that were never done for the company. Per the preliminary report by the EOW, the accused misappropriated funds on the pretext of recruitment services and provided bank account numbers created after the dates when the funds were raised. The eight recruitment firms that appear in the report are Impulse Marketing, Vardhman Marketing, Team Works, True Work Co., BizServe, Vista Services, and Vikash Enterprises. The registered addresses of all these recruitment firms belong to kins of Madhuri Jain, her father Suresh Jain, and her brother Shwetank Jain. Meanwhile, the probe agency has not been able to trace the firms to which BharatPe made vendor payments.

Recruitment firms linked to BharatPe co-founder #AshneerGrover & his family members used backdated invoices to siphon off funds for work they never did for the fintech unicorn, an investigation by the EOW of Delhi Police found.

(@artijourno reports)

— Mint (@livemint) November 15, 2023

BharatPe had earlier filed a case against its former co-founder Ashneer Grover on 17 accounts, including criminal breach of trust, embezzlement, and forgery. The company had also slapped a lawsuit for Rs 88 crore against Ashneer Gover, his wife, Madhuri Jain Grover, and other family members.

Refuting the back-dated invoice allegations, Ashneer Grover offered an intense response on X/Twitter. The Doglapan author wrote that it’s been two years listening to these allegations. Everyone is bored of the same now. Grover further adds that he alludes to how the same couple of dogs bark and follow, every time he takes his car for a spin. Taking a jibe at the twitterati taking potshots at him, Grover remarks, India ke court system kya he judgment dilayenge? Now it’s in the hands of chief justice of Twitter Ravi Handa and chief justice of press Arti Singh. Grover’s tweet was appended with a pic of his books on a desk

Haha. Bhai 2 saal ho gaye yeh bakwaas sunte sunte. Sab bore ho chuke hai. I keep telling people – every time I take my car out for drive couple of same dogs bark and follow the car. Kutto ki fitrat aur vajood hai bhaukna!

India ke courts / legal system to kya judgement denge -…

— Ashneer Grover (@Ashneer_Grover) November 15, 2023

Here’s how netizens reacted to Grover’s tweet:

Hey @Ashneer_Grover, why don’t you counter with facts. Post that surely the barking would reduce. #ashneergrover

— Mitul (@mehta_mitul77) November 15, 2023

Ad hominem response shows dal me Kuch to Kaala hai…I can’t find one valid response to show these allegations are false. So the strategy was to outshout everyone so that people start believing you.

— Ankit Soni (@soni__ankit) November 15, 2023

I have worked in MNCs and Large Consultancy long enough to know that even if misappropriation of funds take places, the head of the firm would not be even aware of it.
Ye chindi si harkate se log paisa nahi kamate. There are other things, pump and dump. No legal complications


— Unknown Indian (@SyedYasir0206) November 15, 2023

Ashneer – you are a shining example of what’s wrong with the startup and make it big culture in India. Sorry you don’t represent the best of us. And btw I wouldn’t call you a ‘kutta’. Even a dog has loyalty and doesn’t cheat..

— Sumit (@neosumit) November 15, 2023

Facts Likh dete fir?

— aatank619☕ don’t follow (@aatank619) November 15, 2023

— prakhar narang (@prakhar_narang) November 15, 2023

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