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In recent times, cybercriminals have been exploiting virtual numbers associated with the +92 country code, commonly linked to Pakistan, to perpetrate various fraudulent activities. Sadly, a 24-year-old man from Gujarat became a victim of such a scam, losing a staggering 7 lakh in the hope of receiving an iPhone 14 as a free gift. The incident highlights the growing concern surrounding these fraudulent schemes and the need for heightened awareness and vigilance against such cybercrimes.

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According to a report by TOI, there has been a concerning surge in scams involving fraudsters using deceptive tactics like claiming to be a person from Dubai (‘Bhai will call from Dubai’) to lure unsuspecting individuals into their traps. These scammers entice their targets with alluring rewards, such as a discounted brand-new iPhone 14 allegedly from Dubai. Unfortunately, many victims fall prey to these offers, unaware of the potential consequences they might encounter. The alarming rise in such scams highlights the urgent need for public awareness and caution when dealing with unfamiliar offers and calls from unknown sources.

In another unfortunate incident, Virag Doshi from Dhandhuka in Ahmedabad district became a victim of a virtual number scam. He received a message on his Instagram account, purportedly from ‘Bade Bhai and Chhote Bhai,’ informing him that he had won a free iPhone 14. However, to claim the prize, he was asked to pay a token fee of Rs 3,000 through UPI.

Trusting the message, Virag proceeded with the payment, only to later discover that he had fallen into a trap, losing his money to the fraudulent scheme. Eager to secure a free iPhone 14, Virag Doshi eagerly paid a token fee of Rs 3,000 as per the instructions.

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He received a call from someone claiming to be ‘Bade Bhai’ from Dubai, assuring him of the delivery of the iPhone 14 and a watch at Surat airport. Another person named ‘Sanjay Sharma’ later asked for an additional Rs 8,000 for delivery. Trusting the scammers, Doshi paid the amount but never received the promised items. Shockingly, he later discovered that a massive Rs 6.76 lakh had been debited from his bank account between April 18th and May 7th due to the scam.

According to Inspector P. N. Zinzuwadia of Dhandhuka police, the 24-year-old businessman, Virag Doshi, had unknowingly transferred the money to the scammers without realizing the substantial amount he was paying.

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