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Former shark Ashneer Grover minces no words while slamming the aging political class, which equates gaming with gambling. In an exclusive with Storyboard18, the founder of the Crickpe app stated that banning and targeting gaming has become politically fashionable. Grover asks whether restricting alcohol has led to less consumption. He quips that gaming is not a vice and has been doing well for the past decade. The entrepreneur states that the industry has the potential to generate immense job opportunities and government revenue. The only bummer is the latest GST rule. The government has introduced 28% GST, which is a 350% increase.

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Ashneer Grover further states that gaming has not led to mass-scale destruction of lives. The industry is unnecessarily stigmatized as a vice without any data backing the claim. The Doglapan author says that it is a daunting task to convince the political class on the issue simply because of the generation gap. Grover jibes that the older generation associates gaming with gambling

Ye toh satta hai!

Grover challenges the government to publish data on how much revenue was made before and after the new GST regulations.

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In the interview, Ashneer also spoke about his personal branding. He claimed that he doesn’t have a PR or brand manager. His personal branding has been organic so far. Grover says that he knows how to use his phone and create content. Hence, there is no need for additional assistance. Staying true to your core values, being smart about content, and having fun along the way are the fundamentals of personal branding, the maverick notes.

Banning or targeting #gaming has become a politically fashionable move, says @Ashneer_Grover

Grover, who was the co-founder of BharatPe, says the survival of the gaming industry now hinges on organic growth.

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