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BharatPe’s former co-founder, Ashneer Grover, and his wife, Madhuri Jain Grover, faced travel restrictions at Indira Gandhi International Airport today. Authorities barred them from embarking on a New York-bound flight on account of a lookout circular (LoC) issued against them by the Economic Offences Wing (EOW).

🚨 @bharatpeindia cofounder @Ashneer_Grover, wife stopped at #Delhi airport while travelling to New York

This was done on the basis of a look-out circular issued against the two.

By @rashmirajput_ET

— ETtech (@ETtech) November 17, 2023

The EOW of Delhi Police had sought the LoC after registering an FIR in June, alleging the couple’s involvement in misappropriation of funds, causing Rs 81 crore in losses to Resilient Innovations, the parent company of BharatPe. The LoC prevents individuals under investigation from leaving the country. Grover and Jain have been directed to appear before the EoW for questioning next week. Zulfiquar Memon of MZM Legal, representing BharatPe, told the Economic Times that the EoW issued the LoC following a recent status report in the Delhi High Court, which revealed evidence of embezzlement.

Meanwhile, the former boss took to Twitter and offered his version of the scoop. Ashneer claimed that at immigration, he was told about the LoC. The officials told Grover that they’d check with the EOW and let him know. The entrepreneur finds it strange that, having travelled four times ever since the FIR was filed in May, he was never barred. While the flight to the US was on time, the Grover couple were let go as directed by the EOW.

Later, at 8 a.m. today, on November 17, 2023, he received the summons from the EOW. This was seven hours after returning from the airport. The Doglapan author says that the US itinerary was from November 16–23. Ashneer stated that he will cooperate with the EOW as always. There’s no drama over LoC. He claims that he is not a flight risk and he can prove it. He further adds that countless premature obituaries have been written. Grover wraps up the post, asking not to pronounce him dead until 13 days from his pyre.

Hello ! Hello !

Kya chal raha hai India mein ? Filhaal to Ashneer stopped at airport chal raha hai janab.

So facts:
1. I had not received any communication or summon from EOW since FIR in May till 8 AM today 17 morning (7 hours after returning from airport).
2. I was going to…

— Ashneer Grover (@Ashneer_Grover) November 17, 2023

Reactions galore:

Bhai please join BJP, sab thk ho jaega.

— Dr Nimo Yadav (@niiravmodi) November 17, 2023

Everything aside, I love the artwork on your wall. Must say, you have good taste. Who is the artist, if I may ask?

— Mandar Natekar (@mandar2404) November 17, 2023

Picture chal rahi hai free mein – maze lo !

— SoodGen.eth (@SoodGen) November 17, 2023

They had to stop Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya but they ll only stop those who didn’t give party fund. 😃

— Mandar (@Mandar_240Bhp) November 17, 2023

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