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For years, the desire to create custom Apple Watch faces has remained unfulfilled, despite fervent requests from users and third-party developers. Apple, known for its design-driven approach, has yet to grant this level of creative freedom to its consumers. While the prospect of independently crafting entire watch faces remains elusive, the tech giant seems to be exploring avenues to empower users to express their individuality through their devices.

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In a recent patent granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, titled “Electronic Devices with Color Sampling Sensors,” Apple has unveiled an intriguing concept. This patent explores the integration of light sensors beneath the Apple Watch display, with the purpose of capturing the colour of external objects. The ultimate goal is to dynamically align the backdrop of the current watch face with the colours of the user’s chosen clothing and wristband.

The patent elaborates on the technical process, suggesting that various optical sensors—such as cameras, proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, fingerprint sensors, or similar light-based under-screen sensors—could execute the colour sampling. These sensors would emit sequences of red, green, and blue light toward an external object within their line of sight. By measuring the reflectance levels of these RGB colours, the sensor would collect data on the object’s colour.

To transform this data into a unified visual experience, the watch’s control circuitry would employ specific algorithms.

While it’s important to note that patented technologies don’t necessarily translate directly to product features, this concept opens a window into Apple’s creative exploration.

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