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In a swift response to Nothing’s announcement about integrating iMessage compatibility into the Nothing Phone 2 through Nothing Chats, Apple has unveiled its RCS messaging support for iMessage. This development allows iPhones to seamlessly embrace modern messaging features such as read receipts, typing indicators, and message reactions, fostering secure communication between Android and iPhone users. Notably, users can also share high-resolution photos and videos, bridging the gap between the two major mobile platforms.

Apple gets the message, RCS coming to iPhone in 2024 with same Universal Profile as Android by @technacity

— 9to5Google (@9to5Google) November 16, 2023

Nothing CEO Carl Pei, acknowledging Apple’s move, expressed his approval on X (formerly Twitter), stating, ‘Great decision! Good for consumers, competition, and innovation.’

Great decision! Good for consumers, competition, and innovation. Hats off to the EU, telcos, Google, and most of all to Apple. 🎩

— Carl Pei (@getpeid) November 16, 2023

How does this impact Nothing’s recently announced venture?

In response to a user’s inquiry on X, Pei affirmed that Nothing Chats is still in the pipeline. However, he emphasized that the blue bubble vs. green bubble issue persists. While iMessage will continue to mark chats between iOS users with blue bubbles, RCS messages from Android users will display green bubbles.

Pei’s rationale for the utility of Nothing Chats appears somewhat tenuous, suggesting that its primary distinction lies in a color-coding system. While it may serve as a temporary solution for Nothing Phone 2 users until Apple officially integrates RCS into iMessage, the app’s long-term viability comes into question.

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