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Apple, the Cupertino-based tech behemoth, is gearing up to introduce substantial transformations through iOS 17, encompassing an array of fresh features. Amidst this evolution, a seemingly minor yet significant alteration within iOS 17 comes in the form of relocating the “end call” button on iPhones. While this adjustment may appear modest in the grand scheme of Apple’s innovations, it represents a substantial leap for iPhone users, marking a noteworthy shift in their user experience.

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Apple iOS 17 Update

Currently, the “end call” button is conspicuously positioned apart from its fellow call-related functions, centered towards the lower section of the screen. However, with the imminent arrival of iOS 17, a subtle yet significant adjustment is anticipated. The red “end call” icon might be relocated to the right, prompting other buttons to descend and align themselves in harmony with it.

This noteworthy observation was made by Gizmodo within the iOS 17 beta 5 version, as evidenced by the accompanying screenshots. It’s essential to acknowledge, though, that this alteration has been detected solely within the beta iteration. Consequently, there remains a strong possibility that Apple might not incorporate this modification into the stable version slated for release in September.

iOS 17 is on the horizon, bringing a diverse range of enhancements to iPhones, including a novel New Journal app for personal experiences, Live Speech and Personal Voice interactions, Interactive Widgets for a dynamic home screen, streamlined sharing with NameDrop, Contact Posters for efficient communication, immersive Live Voicemail, enhanced Messages app, engaging sticker packs, Health app updates, enriched FaceTime, Standby mode for performance optimization, intuitive Keyboard changes, and an all-encompassing transformation that promises to redefine the iPhone experience.

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