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According to Macrumors, Apple is internally testing an iOS 17.1.1 update for the iPhone. While this upcoming release will primarily resolve bugs, the specific issues it aims to address remain undisclosed. One potential inclusion in the update is a fix for Wi-Fi connectivity problems, as previously introduced in the first iOS 17.2 beta. Additionally, it may tackle an issue experienced by some iPhone users, where their devices temporarily power off overnight. Moreover, Apple had pledged to rectify a BMW wireless charging problem impacting the iPhone 15 series with an update later this year, though its presence in iOS 17.1.1 is yet to be confirmed.

NEW: Apple is internally testing iOS 17.1.1 for the iPhone. The update should focus on bug fixes. Potential issues the update could address include Wi-Fi issues, a BMW wireless charging issue affecting the iPhone 15 lineup, and some iPhones temporarily shutting off overnight.

— Apple News 𝕏 (@AppleUpdatei) November 2, 2023

The exact release date for iOS 17.1.1 remains uncertain, but it is anticipated to become available within the next week or two. Notably, iOS 17.2 is still in beta testing and is slated for a December release.

Further, iOS 17.2 is expected to introduce a host of new features such as the ability for Apple Music subscribers to collaborate on playlists, a Translate feature accessible through the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro models, reinforced iMessage Contact Key Verification security, along with supplementary Weather and Clock widgets, and numerous other enhancements.

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