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Apple has made waves in the tech world with the recent introduction of its iPhone 15 series. Among the notable enhancements, a significant change has been the adoption of a universal Type-C interface across all models. This shift has garnered a positive response from consumers, as it aligns with the prevailing trend in Android phones, offering the convenience of using a single cable for multiple devices. The introduction of Android-to-iPhone cross-platform battery sharing also marks a substantial step forward, promising an enriched user experience.

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Apple Type-C Cable

Recent reports emerging from China have raised a cautionary note regarding the use of Android charging cables with Apple’s latest iPhone 15. Some Apple Stores in China are reportedly advising against this practice, citing concerns about potential overheating issues.

These warnings surfaced following an incident at an Apple-exclusive store located in Foshan, Guangdong Province. At this store, customers were specifically cautioned against using Android Type-C cables for charging their iPhone 15 devices. The store pointed out distinctions in the pin arrangement of the interfaces, emphasizing that employing an Android cable could potentially result in overheating. This concern stems from the slightly smaller gap between the single-row 9-pin and single-row 11-pin connectors in Android cables as compared to Apple’s proprietary cables.

This advisory doesn’t appear to be limited to a single store, as numerous reports indicate that several Apple-exclusive stores have been offering similar cautions to their customers. The question arises: is this a safety concern or a sales strategy Apple is using to increase the sale of their colourful cables.

Critics have voiced concerns that these warnings could be perceived as Apple’s strategy to promote the sale of its official charging cables, which often come at a notably higher price point compared to cables from Android manufacturers.

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Meanwhile, there are numerous durability test has already been done on the newly launched iPhone 15 series and it seems that the news is not good for Apple fans. The durability of the iPhone 15 Pro Max recently faced a rigorous test by YouTuber JerryRigEverything, and the outcome has left many disappointed. Even the YouTuber himself expressed astonishment at how quickly the iPhone 15 Pro Max succumbed during the test.

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