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The anticipation for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 series is reaching its peak as the release date approaches within the next couple of months. However, amidst the excitement, intriguing reports have surfaced regarding potential iPhone models that might launch in the more distant future. Citing an industry source, The Elec, a prominent South Korean publication, has shed light on Apple’s ambitious plans for future iPhone releases.

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Apple’s Plan For Future iPhone

Rumours suggest that the trillion-dollar company, Apple, is actively exploring groundbreaking designs to revolutionize the appearance of their future iPhones. Among the reported plans is an ambitious goal to eliminate bezels entirely from the front of the device, creating a seamless and immersive user experience. Apple envisions utilizing cutting-edge display panels that give the impression of a solid glass slab, accompanied by sleek flat edges for their devices.

BREAKING! Apple is working on a 0-bezel iPhone! Looks like Cook is a fan of mine and he hates bezels as much as I do.
According to sources, Apple asked Samsung Display and LG Display to develop OLED screens without bezels at all, completely eliminating bezels and using UPC…

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) July 24, 2023

According to a tweet by tipster Ice Universe, Apple is reportedly in communication with South Korean display suppliers Samsung and LG Displays to explore new display technology. The main challenge in this development lies in effectively bending all the circuits that are currently housed in the bezel of the screen. Additionally, the issue of antenna interference would need to be addressed. To safeguard the screen from potential damage caused by moisture and oxygen, a new generation of TFE (thin film encapsulation for AMOLED displays) would need to be implemented.

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One of the upcoming challenges involves the integration of an even thinner touch sensor technology for the future generation of iPhones, potentially enabling the implementation of an Under Panel Camera (UPC). Samsung has already used an early version of this technology in their Galaxy Z Fold series, known as UDC. However, there are quality concerns associated with this approach. The display pixels tend to obstruct a significant amount of light that enters the camera sensor, and the camera hole remains visible from certain angles.

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