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Apple Inc. is widely known for its innovative products and services in the field of health and wellness. The company has a track record of creating tools and programs that improve health monitoring and even save lives. Apple is now enhancing AI’s capabilities once again.

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According to reports, the company is developing artificial intelligence-powered health consulting services as well as technology for assessing emotions. Users will be able to approach their health and wellness in a more thorough and unique manner with the aid of these new skills.

Apple will soon launch a new tutoring service called Quartz. The goal of this program is to maintain clients’ motivation to exercise, eat better, and sleep more soundly. The idea behind the service is to use AI and data from an Apple Watch to create customized coaching programs for each client. However, the efforts have not yet been made public, and will do so in the coming weeks.

As a part of a bigger drive to include health aspects into all of its products, including the Apple Watch, Apple has revealed intentions to develop a new health coaching service. The company’s most recent efforts in this area include porting the health app to the iPad and introducing features that may aid users who have vision problems. Further speculations claim that Apple’s Quartz project is identical to LumiHealth, a coaching and health initiative launched in 2020 in partnership with the Singaporean government.

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However, unlike LumiHealth, which offered users monetary incentives for preserving their health, Apple’s new internal service will have a monthly fee and be its own app. A variety of Apple divisions, including the company’s services business, health, Siri, and AI teams, are leading the initiative. Although it is currently planned for next year, the service might potentially be postponed or canceled.

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