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Since the introduction of the iPhone, Apple has prevented customers from downloading applications from sources other than the App Store, citing worries about the device’s security. However, according to a claim published by the well-known Apple analyst Mark Gurman, this could soon change. The research suggests that Apple may permit app sideloading on iOS 17 in the near future.

The modification would make it possible for consumers to install applications from sources other than the Apple App Store, which mandates app developers to pay fees ranging from up to 30 percent to Apple. corporations such as Apple are required to offer their services and platforms to third-party corporations and developers as a result of this change, which was implemented as part of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union, which came into effect in November of the previous year.

The Digital Markets Act that was passed by the European Union might have a significant effect on Apple products, which might cause the corporation to make significant adjustments to its Messages, FaceTime, App Store, Siri, and other applications. The article also claims that Apple will be making modifications to comply with the law sometime next year.

This is because Apple faces the danger of fines which may cost Apple up to twenty percent of its total revenue around the world. To quickly review, Apple currently enables the sideloading of applications on Macs and has a verification system in place that enables users to install applications obtained from third-party sources without risk. It will be fascinating to watch whether or if the decision made by the European Union to require Apple to accept programs from sources other than the App Store would drive other countries like the United States to do the same thing.

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