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In a recent development, Apple has officially acknowledged an issue affecting its iPhone 15 series when wirelessly charged in certain BMW and Toyota Supra models. The company has assured its customers that a fix for this problem will be made available later this year. According to an internal memo shared with Apple Authorized Service Providers, charging an iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, or iPhone 15 Pro Max with select wireless chargers in specific BMW and Toyota Supra models may temporarily disrupt the NFC capabilities of the device. While the memo doesn’t delve into the exact cause of this issue, it’s a concern that Apple is actively addressing, as it potentially impacts users’ mobile experience.

BMW warns not to charge an iPhone 15 in your BMW vehicle

BMW owners should definitely refrain from using the wireless charging function in their cars in combination with an iPhone 15 at the moment: Apparently, this can destroy the smartphone’s NFC function, which is used for…

— Alex (@alex_avoigt) October 24, 2023

Apple iPhone 15 Wireless Charging Issue

According to the reports, the NFC chip inside an iPhone plays a crucial role in enabling features such as Apple Pay and digital car keys. Those impacted by the wireless charging issue could encounter a frustrating “Could Not Set Up Apple Pay” error message within the Wallet app, even if they’ve previously configured Apple Pay. This unexpected obstacle highlights the significance of resolving the problem promptly to ensure users can fully utilize these essential functions on their devices.

Apple has acknowledged that the NFC chip stops working on the iPhone 15 series when wirelessly charged using certain BMW and Supra models. The company will release a fix for the issue later this year. #Iphone15pro #BMW

— Ar• (@AzArdit) October 26, 2023

Apple has acknowledged that a software update is in the works to address the NFC issue affecting iPhone 15 series users. However, as this acknowledgement came shortly after the release of iOS 17.1, it implies that the fix will likely be introduced in a subsequent update, such as iOS 17.1.1 or iOS 17.2.

iPhone 13, 14 & 15 series issue. Search for Green Screen problem. It’s a software update issue & Apple is 🤐 so customers are paying to change the screen.. Claim is that 17.0.3 can solve the glitch but NO it’s not working..
Why @AppleSupport @Apple am I facing inconvenience &…

— RohiniP🇮🇳🚩 (@rohisush) October 23, 2023

In the meantime, Apple advises those impacted by the issue to refrain from using in-car wireless charging to avoid any disruption in their device’s functionality. This proactive approach reflects Apple’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience for its customers.

In my new iPhone 15 Plus has an over heating issue. I got hot charging in a 31 degree ambient room. 🥵😳#iPhone15Plus

— Atul (@MrAtulSingh1) October 19, 2023

Numerous customer reports have surfaced, indicating that their iPhones have entered data recovery mode with a white screen, and upon restarting, the NFC chip ceases to function. Unfortunately, customers are unable to resolve this issue on their own, necessitating a visit to an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for assistance.

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