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Steve Wozniak, a computer pioneer and co-founder of Apple Inc., has criticized Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk, charging that he has failed to deliver on the promise of self-driving vehicles and issuing a dire warning about the potential dangers of Tesla’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

In a CNN interview, Wozniak commended Musk’s initiatives to advance electric automobiles but voiced dissatisfaction that Musk had not yet brought self-driving cars to market. “He assured us autonomous vehicles by the year 2016, and I was responsible for paying for them. I acquired the $50,000 enhancement, but it was never implemented. According to Wozniak, he consistently makes assurances, but nothing ever materializes.

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Wozniak also had reservations about Tesla’s AI technology, citing the car as an example of AI “gone wrong” and expressing concern that it could be detrimental. Wozniak stated, “Purchase a Tesla if you wish to study AI gone awry, making numerous claims, and attempting to kill you at every opportunity.” Wozniak emphasized that despite his concerns about artificial intelligence, he was more concerned about the technology’s potential for exploitation than about AI itself. He demanded regulations to ensure that businesses prioritize safety and ethics when developing powerful technologies such as AI.

Our daily lives are incorporating more and more robots and AI. AI is being used by businesses like AvaWatz to create robotic teams that collaborate and automate activities that were previously completed individually by individual robots or human teams. The business is converting robots into cobots so they can cooperate to do jobs more quickly without endangering themselves. Recently, the company joined Wefunder, allowing anybody to contribute for a brief period of time.

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In March, Wozniak signed an open letter with other prominent figures in technology asking for a six-month moratorium on the creation of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4. Wozniak has previously spoken about the ethical development of AI. Wozniak also discussed his opinions on how Musk should run Twitter Inc., which the Tesla CEO acquired in 2022, in addition to his views on AI. Wozniak said he was not an expert on the subject and shunned social media.

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