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Industrialist Anand Mahindra accoladed SpaceX founder Elon Musk for his willingness to take on enormous risks a day after SpaceX’s Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built, blew up mid-air minutes after conducting its first test flight.

He tweeted – Elon Musk’s strong attitude toward risk is his most significant contribution to the business world—rather than Tesla or SpaceX. Most people would be severely intimidated by such a “failure.” However, when each endeavour is set up as a learning experiment, you basically expand the boundaries of knowledge and progress. Salute!

The most important contribution to business by @elonmusk will not be Tesla, or SpaceX but his powerful attitude to risk. Most would be terminally daunted by such a ‘failure.’ But when you set up each initiative as a learning experiment (and of course, have raised the resources… https://t.co/K81TLbOTMn

— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) April 21, 2023

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Anand Mahindra’s statement came when the Starship rocket’s first test flight ended in an exceptional explosion. The rocket went off four minutes later and exploded 24 miles away. According to SpaceX, many engines failed, causing the rocket to lose elevation and start to fall. The company made the rocket and the accompanying booster, which did not properly separate when it deviated off course – self-destruct.

More photos from the first flight test of a fully integrated Starship and Super Heavy rocket pic.twitter.com/tnd6Vkw5uR

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) April 23, 2023

Regarding the recent explosion during SpaceX’s Starship test flight, the company does not consider the endeavor a failure. In a statement, SpaceX expressed that experiments like this one are valuable because of what can be learned from them. The company shared that they have gained an immense amount of knowledge about the rocket and ground systems through the test flight.

Moreover, The Starship will help with the transportation of astronauts during NASA’s upcoming 2025 lunar mission, with a longer-term objective of eventually sending people to other planets, such as Mars. It is the largest rocket constructed so far and might transport as many as 100 individuals in the future.

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